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RUIPUHUA Machinery Equipment Co. ltd also named Rapidpack packging machinery co. Ltd. Ruipuhua is specialized in manufacturing flow packing machines and packaging systems for almost 14 years.
RUIPUHUA has always been focused on R&D design, manufacture, installation and technical service in the fields of pillow type packaging equipment, automatic process and packing machine and syshttp://www.china-packagemachine.com/
The effect of baking paint is large. The color of the bottom of the lapel pin can be various colors of the glitter lapel pin(our color number is Pan Tongshai). The emblem of the emblem can make various plating effects, such as gold plating, nickel plating, etc.
Characteristics of the paint: bright colors, clear and clear lines, strong metallic materials, and can be mhttp://www.xdmedal.com/lapel-pin-badge/custom-lapel